What you get

Over view

Distance:                         6.4 KM

Total ascent :                 520 meters

Highest Elevation :     3120 meters

Duration:                       6 to 7 Hours


Tiger nest or Paro Taktshang is precariously perched on a cliff 900 meters off the ground. Without any doubt trip to Bhutan would not be complete without hike to the tiger nest.
On average, it takes four to five hours of hike. You should probably plan on starting your hike around 8:30 am so that you may reach back to hotel around 3 pm. If you are not into hiking, you can always hire a horse. 

Over view

Distance:                         10 KM to 15 KM

River Class :                    2 to 5 meters

Duration:                        1.5 to 2 Hours


There are six rivers in Bhutan and they are graded from class I to class VI. There are easy routes for beginners and difficult runs for veterans . But for the children below the age of 7 it is not allowed. One of the most popular site for river rafting is in Punakha along the Pho Chhu river and Mo Chhu river. 

Pho Chhu river or the male river is 16KM long with 15 rapids of class 2 to 4, whereas Mo Chhu river of the female river is 10KM with rapids of class 2 to 2+. The minimal cost of raft is between ngultrum 8,000 to Ngultrum 12,000 per raft. A raft acn take up tp six passenger excluding the rafting guide and your tour guide.