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If it is not mentioned here, make sure you drop us an email. One of the best services that we take pride in is knowing how to get it done. 


Don't be boring. Check out some of the activities that might have to be ticked off your bucket list.   


You don't have to wonder "how" and "where". We can get you anything, even a space rocket for a right price 😅.  

Hotels & Lodges

We are partnered with some of the finest hotels and lodges in Bhutan. Learn more about accommodations in Bhutan. 

Wildlife Tour

Don't worry we will make sure that no wildlife eats you. Check out the amazing wildlife sanctuaries of Bhutan. 

Photo shoot

You loved your vacation? no problem. It is more important to let your friends know that too. 


We are good at planning honeymoon. And when we say we are good, we are being modest. 💖   💕  💞   💑

Self Travel Guide

If you think you can plan a better vacation go ahead and do let us know.  This might be of help to you. 

Event manager

Candle night, birthday or proposal to special someone. We got you covered bruhhhhh

Rooms & Suites

Untold Bhutan YOur gateway to the secret kingdom 

Our tour agency is partnered with some of the finest hotels in the country, we can get you the best deal when it comes to rooms and suites. Check out some of the hotel rooms that are available for booking through untold Bhutan.

UK Best Rooms offer


3 STAR    4 STAR    5 STAR 

We are partnered with some of the finest hotels in the country, any place you visit in Bhutan and you will find that we have a special connections with them. Our partnered hotels are best in the market and services are well known.  We deal with the best and make sure that you get the best

We provide wide range of hotels, right from having the best location to the most exotic ones. Our partnered hotels serve foods that would pamper your taste buds into falling in love with Bhutan, be it local cuisine or international. You name it and we make sure you get it.

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Why Booking with Us

Your time is important. When you choose Untold Bhutan, we dedicate time to organizing a first-rate experience using our regional knowledge, so you can spend your own time however you please. 

And once you are travelling, each day of your personalized itinerary is set up to be memorable.

All places and activates are carefully picked by us
Best Price guarantee & Hassle free
We are an award inning agency
Trusted by more than 5000 customers