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Geting Inside Bhutan 

Entry Point 

Bhutan was recently opened to the outside world. Presently Bhutan is made accessible both through air and land. It is home to one of the most difficult airport in the world, the only international airport in the country at the height of 7364ft from sea level at Paro. Two airlines that ferry passengers are Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines.  

Owning to its difficult terrain only the southern roads are open to the outside world. It can be reach through the southern cities of Phuntsholing, Gelephu and Samdrupjongkhar. Immigration office are located along the border to facilitate guest to enter Bhutan. 

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at Glance 

Kingdom of Bhutan remained hidden from the world until recently when it was opened to the outside visitors in the year 1974. For many years it had remained a mystical land and had been called by different names such as the last Shangri-La (hidden paradise), lho menjong (the country of medicinal herbs), monyul (dark land) and many others. The first recorded Europeans to visit Bhutan were Portuguese Jesuits Estevao cacella and Joao Cabral in the year 1627. They were missionary in search for the hidden paradise (Garden of Eden). 

With the onset of monarchy in the year 1907 Bhutan has radically developed and with the introduction of democracy in the country it has brought more modernization. The impossible terrain which made isolated pockets of village un-accessible once has been over powered consequently improving the lifestyle of its people. 

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